A dream come true, a letter written by one of our own Personal Support Specialists, Kurt Manelick, providing us a glimpse into one of his most memorable moments as being a Personal Support Specialist with us here at Maine-ly Elder Care.

Some of my greatest moments with a private pay client I worked with for 3 years.  My client and I would have Thursdays set aside for only going out for rides in his vehicle.  This made my client very happy.  He had told me that he loved fishing, hunting, camping and outdoors activities.  And when he was unable to do these things anymore he had told me all the places he had gone to in Maine to do all these activities.  I told my client we would go back to all of his places around Maine he had enjoyed so much.  So every Thursdays would set off to some part of the state and he would talk all about the areas.  He never wanted to get out of the vehicle just wanted to go for a drive and see all the nature and fun places he had been able to go to throughout his years when he was able to go out on his own.  My client and I went to Rangeley, Jackman and Moosehead.  We went to the coast a lot Popham, Fort Ellsworth, Belfast, Bath, Harpswell and about every place you could think of in Maine last summer.  This was a dream come true for him because when he had lost his license to drive anymore and had to be in a wheel chair he wasn’t able to do all the things he loved to do.  We even set up a garden last summer in his back yard and his family and I helped him take care of it.  He knew his health was declining a lot and wished one more time he could go to all the places he loved throughout his lifetime.  I told him we would and last fall he really wanted to go to Rangeley and I set up a day trip to take him up there and he told me “Kurt, thank you for making something I thought I wouldn’t ever see again come true for me this summer and I thank you so much” he said.  My client was a great person to work for and I am so glad I was able to make his end of life so happy for him and his family.  My client passed away back a few months ago and he will be greatly missed.

Kurt J. Manelick – PSS   

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